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Is your school photography too expensive... and a bit soulless?

If you are anything like me, you will have a number of hideous school photos documenting every poor wardrobe and hair decision made each year by your mum and later yourself in your teenage years. Seriously they are hilarious and also quite tragic.

But it’s more than a tradition. For those that don’t have the money to invest in regular child or family photography, it’s their only access to professional photographs of their children to document their growth through the years.

So, it becomes kind of a compulsory purchase. Even when you feel it’s overpriced or the images are flat and lack emotion. I’m guessing the reason so many school photographs are ropey (aside from the passing hair trends) is that school photography is basically a conveyer belt of children. Told to ‘sit, smile… with your teeth *flash* next!’.

It’s no wonder parents are telling me in increasing numbers that they are disappointed with their children’s school pictures. Not to mention the price tag that comes with them. But what do you do? Buy them knowing you are unlikely to have them on display for long, if at all? Buy them for the purpose of having something to send to grandparents? Spend way more than you would like because the packages are so restrictive and to get any sort of variety you need to buy the most expensive package? Or worse, not bother at all? I sure some of these people think it's a license to print cash. But it carries so much more responsibility than that.

These are our children we are talking about! They deserve more than ‘sit, smile, next!’. Their faces, growing and changing year after year and with it their personalities. Their school photography should reflect that.

These photographs are of Mia. She's five. Her mum got in touch to ask me if I could do some school photo’s as she was unhappy with the ones that Mia brought home from school. Mia is oblivious to the fact that she is stunning. She’s not that fussed about having her photograph taken, she has a friend at school that makes her laugh by telling jokes about poo and she likes being a mother hen to children smaller than her. I NEED to know this stuff about Mia to capture who she is.

In January I will be getting together with my marketing manager (my other half Rich) and working on packages, venues and locations for pop-up Boutique School Photography sessions. To provide you with meaningful images of your children… of all ages at prices you will be happy to pay.

If this is something you would be interested in Join my mailing list via the website, comment on this blog with your location or like the Baby Face Photography by Nicola Facebook page/community group.

N xx

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