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My child is too shy to be photographed.

Firstly, as you will know, your child is perfect just as they are.

There is no ‘type’ of child to suit photography, it’s the photographer’s job to capture your child as they are. Admittedly some need a bit of extra time and effort to help them feel comfortable but here are a few of my tips to help when taking a shy child to a photography session.

1. Let go of expectation.

You may have an idea as to how you would like the session to go, the type of images you would like and how you would like your child to be captured. Let it go. Accept that you child will dictate how the session will go. If they don’t feel like smiling on cue, they won’t. If they need to be sat with mum or dad in the photo then that’s what’s going to happen.

2. Explain what is going to happen ahead of the session.

If your child is old enough, warm them up to the idea in the lead up to the session. Talk about what they can expect. Practice taking pictures and let them see pictures of themselves, making it a fun activity. Try different faces and expressions so they can start to learn the difference in how it looks.

3. Consider a longer session.

One of the worst things to do with a shy child is try to rush them because you are up against the clock. If your child is especially shy and you know they are likely to need longer I would suggest you avoid mini sessions and go for full or double sessions. This will give your child plenty of time to get to know and become comfortable with me and their environment.

4. Embrace their face.

Your child’s face, even if it isn’t smiling (sometimes especially when it isn’t smiling) is perfection. I love seeing a true face, a true emotion. I would take a true frowny face over a forced smile any day of the week.

These images were taken on location at a 2nd Birthday party. There was noise, and distractions, she didn’t know me and there was limited time to get images. She didn’t feel like sitting and smiling… who can blame her… but look how stunning she is. Just. As. She. Is.

Embrace shy! xx

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