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Why NOW is a good time for outdoor family photography.

A previous blog of mine explains what lifestyle family photography is and why it might be for you, if you haven’t read it yet take a look and see if you feel it could be a style of photography you would like.

So, why is now such a good time? Well it’s all to do with light. For beautiful images the light needs to be low in the sky (believe it or not, and obviously this is all subjective).

The sun sets every evening of everyday, so there will always be the opportunity to utilise this beautiful light BUT that time is getting later and later as we roll in to summer. Ideally, really special images are captured an hour before sunset, a time that is known as Golden Hour. I have small children and I know how reluctant I would be to commit to anything close to their bedtime routine, not least because I want to collapse on the sofa with a glass of something basking in the silence of sleeping children. Why on earth would I want to delay that? I wouldn’t which is why Spring and Autumn are ideal (albeit the clocks going forwards hasn’t helped with this issue).

Of course photography sessions can be done in the middle of the day but they simply won’t have that beautiful golden, timeless, backlit glow that golden hour provides.

If you would like a session at Golden Hour but find that it would coincide with the children’s bedtime I’d suggest planning for it. Let them take a nap early in the day if possible. Treat it as a fun activity, and remember it’s just an hour or two out of your lives to create beautiful family keepsakes. Images for your children and future generations to enjoy.

Session spaces limited, so secure a session by booking.

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